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Kydan Juneberry has qualified scope on her first BS show then next show was the YH show at Northcote and is preparing for the final which is style and performance not against the clock. 

This stunning young lady was retained by Kydan stud and Ellen Blackburn with high hopes for her to excel at showjumping like her Dam and half sister. This is Ellen's Facebook page she excels at producing young horses .
  ellenjumpingjpgPictured Ellen Blackburn
Lilly as she is known at home is a very confident young lady with exceptional paces and when tried loose over a fence showed her talent with making it all look very easy and like she'd done it all  before with tonnes of scope. She will have the summer out then off to bootcamp with Ellen to start her education and then come out ready for the age classes in 2019.
Lilly has been broken and proving very trainable with a super personality willing to please. Her confident outlook to life helping her all the way hacking leading the way with not a worry in the world.  Lilly has never said no to anything Ellen has asked of her we are now very excited for the young horse classes and shows. 

Her Dam Berrywood (Jalisco des brumes x Kildalton king ) Has a great career jumping until it was cut short due to injury.  She has produced 2 other fillies half sister called Ashdale Sublime which jumped 1.35m internationally as an 8 yr old before she was tradically lost at the end of 2016. Also a full younger sister named Kydan Mayberry.
Her Granddam Ashdale Early Bird competed internationall very successfully with Dave Quigley.

The slideshow shows her Dam and half sister out competing