Price lists for  2022

Stud Fees are payable on arrival of mare or before any semen is dispatched nomination form available on request.

If wanting AI collection charges apply of £55 plus postage (£20 approx) for each collection. Fresh AI collection/insemination charge of £35 per collection  mare must be with us..

Mares at grass livery £5 per day Mares with foals at foot £7 per day. 

Mares stabled night out during day £8 per day Mares in all time £10 per day.

As above but with foals at foot add £2 per day this includes bedding and ad lib haylage feed can be fed at extra charges to the client.

All mares must arrive at stud with their passports and a clear CEM swab if having natural service. 

Our resident farrier Ben Dewhurst is available on request this is payable at time of visit.

All clients must be registered with our vets Stanley House and all work is to be paid in front or at the time of any treatment required (scans sedation injections etc). 

Mares are wormed upon arrival at owners cost and will be stabled for 1 night.

Mares to be held for natural service at £5 per time we generally only serve once per cycle depending on length of mares cycle. 

We don't charge any extras for handling for vets blacksmiths etc all our costings are outlined from the beginning with no hidden costs we are trying to make breeding of your mare an affordable enjoyable experience.

All our stallions are no foal free return NFFR plus live foal terms of 36 hours. 

 Pictured below is one of those bouncing foals.